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European av. 122, LT-46351 Kaunas, Lithuania
+370 699 69591

Polyurethane Elastomeric Parts


Customized Polyurethane Solutions

• What We Do: We produce custom-made elastomeric parts using solid polyurethane systems.

• Material Used: We utilize MDI polyester-based hot-cast polyurethane for our products.

• Customization: Our equipment allows us to adjust the material's hardness from 25 Shore A (softer) to 99 Shore A (harder) to suit your needs. We can also integrate any color you require into the parts.


Production Process

• Manufacturing Technique: We use open-pour casting, a flexible method that lets us produce anywhere from a handful to 10,000 units per order.

• Quality and Durability: Our polyurethane parts typically last much longer than rubber ones, thanks to thorough surface preparation and high-quality primer-adhesive for metal bonding.


Product Reliability

• Field-Tested: Our mid-rollers and idlers for rubber-tracked tractors have been rigorously tested in harsh conditions for over eight years.

• Warranty: Confident in our product's durability, we offer a warranty period of 24 to 30 months.


Enhanced Material Options

• Composite Creation: To increase part performance, we can incorporate materials such as quartz, ceramic, or Kevlar into the polyurethane.


Size Capabilities

• Dimensions: We can cast large parts, making wheels up to 1000mm in diameter and rollers as long as 6000mm.


Our company provides durable, customizable polyurethane parts designed to meet a wide range of industrial needs. With advanced manufacturing processes, we ensure high quality and reliability for our products suitable for various applications.

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