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European av. 122, LT-46351 Kaunas, Lithuania
+370 699 69591

We renew parts for agricultural machinery


We specialize in restoring mid-rollers and idler rollers using polyurethane with an optimal hardness of 80 Shore A, offering services for a wide range of agricultural equipment. This includes tractors from Challenger (models MT700 A/B/C/D - MT800 A/B/C), Case (models STX 375, 425, 440, 450, 500; Steiger 380, 430, 480, 530, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 385, 435, 485, & 535; IH Magnum Rowtrack 310, 340, 380; Quadtrac 457, 500, 540, 680, 620; IH AF 9240); John Deere 8RX, 9RX, RT, 310, 340, 370, 410, 490, 540, 590, 640 ; Claas (Lexion and Jaguar 960 Terra Trac models); Versatile (DeltaTrack 450-550 T4I), and others. Our services extend to potato harvesters from Grimme, Dewulf, Ploeger and PMC.

Susidėvėjęs John Deere 8520T traktoriaus gumuotas atraminis ritinėlis. Bus restauruotas poliuretanu. John Deere 8410 restauruoti tuščios eigos ir atraminiai ritinėliai. John Deere 8410 restauruoti poliuretanu tuščios eigos/įtempimo ir atraminiai ritinėliai.

The polyurethane we utilize surpasses rubber in terms of resistance to wear from wet and dry sand and to tearing caused by larger stones. The chosen optimal hardness prevents uneven loads, such as those from sharp corner rocks, from being transferred to the rubber track, thereby reducing the likelihood of track damage due to a smoother polyurethane surface.

Please ensure that the width of your rollers matches the width of your track. Rollers can be too narrow in older tractors, failing to distribute the tractor's weight evenly across the track. This can cause the track's edges to bend excessively and tear more quickly. If necessary, we can widen your rollers to accommodate wider standard tracks, improving your tractor's passability.
Timely replacing worn rollers can protect your tractor's suspension and tracks from uneven loads and accelerated wear.


For Challenger/Caterpillar models 35 - 55, our restored yellow rollers show no mechanical damage even after 3 - 4 years of exposure to sunlight, unlike red rollers restored in Germany, which have already cracked and detached from the metal.

Challenger / Caterpillar 35 - 55 traktoriaus atraminių ratukų patikrinimas. Gelsvos spalvos - mūsų restauruotas ritinėlis po 3 - 4 metų darbo.





The Case IH AF 9230 single-track combine support rollers have been restored with polyurethane. They last longer and are more cost-effective than the original rubber versions.

CASE Quadtrac used mid-rollers with worn-out rubber.  Case IH AF 9230 renewed mid-rollers with polyurethane. 


Renewed mid-rollers tested in the field.  CASE renewed mid-rollers after 2 years work. Yellowed from the sun, but still in ideal condition.


We custom-make parts for agricultural equipment: John Deere, Fortschritt, Laverda, New Holland, Case, Massey Ferguson, Deutz-Fahr, Ropa, JF-Stoll, Kleine, and others.


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