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Enhance Your Equipment with Premium PTFE (Teflon) Metal Coatings

At our core, we specialize in providing durable fluoropolymer coatings for various metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel, to name a few. Our expertise lies in applying high-quality, non-stick coatings like FEP, PFA, and PTFE (widely recognized as Teflon). Designed to endure, our coatings excel in performance, sustaining maximum continuous working temperatures up to 230°C and peak intermittent temperatures of 260°C. Safety and quality are paramount; thus, all our coatings are food-grade compliant, with thicknesses between 40-75 micrometers.

Whether you want to enhance your equipment or coat newly fabricated parts, our services are tailored to meet your needs.

Our advanced fluoropolymer coatings, celebrated for their "non-stick" properties, are ideal for various applications. Our solutions ensure efficiency and durability in baking equipment and cookware, mixing rolls, heating plates, molds, and even complex machinery used in adhesive/colorant applications, textile production, and chemical processes.

Our vast coating applications support industries by improving molds for tires, foods, belts, automotive interiors, shoes, cutting blades, and packaging processes. The key benefits include unparalleled release properties and robust chemical resistance.


Benefits for the Commercial Baking Sector:

  • Enhanced product release
  • Minimized buildup of contaminants
  • Simplified cleaning processes for baking molds
  • Reduction in imperfections of finished goods
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Boosted production efficiency
  • Outstanding durability against wear and damage

Our facility is equipped to handle the application of coatings on parts of any size, catering to individual items and large series productions.


Featured Work:

  • Food processing components treated with PFA and FEP fluoropolymers for improved safety and performance.
  • Teflon-coated equipment for the efficient melting and application of granulated adhesives.
  • Packaging machinery parts, including plates, punches, and knives, benefit from our fluoropolymer coatings for enhanced operation and longevity.

Embrace the superiority of our fluoropolymer coating services to elevate the performance of your equipment.


Examples of our non-stick coating include:

Screws, cauldrons, complex plastic forming molds, various dough knives, plastic film and sheet melting knives, dough mixers, punches, poisons, glue melting equipment, bread cutting knives:


4 screws coated with PTFE and deep cauldron for the ship's galley: 



Complex plastic sheet molds and structural handles:



Dough cutting knives with dough funnel and mixer:

Dough cutting knives          


Plastic sheet forming punches with lab centrifuge spare part:



Dumplings forming molds with soap forming molds:



Plastic film melting plates for packing industry:



Forming cones and glue melting funnel:



Glue melting grid with glue spreading knives:

Glue melting grid     


Glue melting rollers for the furniture industry:



Various plastic film melting knives for packing equipment:


Bread cutting saws for higher hygiene in the bakery:


Rolles coated with non-stick coating:


The food packaging - container sealing plate restored with a new Teflon coating:

Vakuuminio maisto pakavimo įrengimo detalė padengta teflonu.


As well as various other industrial parts coated with a non-stick coating:

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