We coat long-lasting fluorpolymer on alluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and other metals, even ceramics. We use fluoropolymers like FEP, PFA, PTFE (also known as teflon). Maximum continuous working temperature of our non-stick coating is 230°C, intermittent 260°C. All our coatings are food grade. Total 2-coat fluorpolymer thickness is 40-75 microns.


We can recoat your old equipment or coat new parts.


Our highperformance fluoropolymer coatings (also known as “nonstick” coatings) are suitable for bakekware, cookware, mixing rollers, heating plates, moulds, glue/dye applying equipment, textiles, chemical  processing, etc.


Typical mould applications for our coatings include tyres, foods, belts, auto headliners, shoes, cutting disks, packaging, etc. Our coatings have superb release, outstanding abrasion resistance, resistance to chemicals, etc.




Commercial bakeware users, consider ordering fluorpolymer coating and:

Have superb release; 

Reduce buildup of impurities;

Leave bakeware easier to clean;

Reduce imperfections in finished Food-safe baked goods;

Reduce downtime for maintenance;

Speed up production;

Have outstanding resistance to abrasion and wear.




Our facilities:

We will consider any order. Single piece or serial. Part size up to several meters.


Work samples:

Extruder screw covered with nonstick coating, used in food equipment.

Bakeware coated with nonstick coating enables to use pastry with more sugar. Now you can bake sweeter pies, waffles and the will not burn.

Renewed coated rollers for glue on wood applying equipment.

Screws for food extruders coated with fluoropolymer.  Rollers for glue applying equipment.


Plastic melting pan before and after renovation with fluoropolymer:

Plastic melting pan with weared off coating. Pan after renovation with fluoropolymer.

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