Elastomeric parts from castable solid polyurethane.

We manufacture made-to-order products using elastomeric polyurethane systems. We use MDI polyester hot-cast polyurethane. Our processing equipment can vary the hardness of our materials anywhere within the range of 25 Shore A to 55 Shore D. On-demand, we can add needed colors.

We process polyurethane using open pour casting. Such a process allows us to produce from a few units to 10 000 units of the needed parts.

Our polyurethane parts usually have several times longer service life than made from rubber. Appropriate surface preparation and outstanding primer-adhesive compositions ensure a good bond between metal and polyurethane.

Our renewed mid-rollers and idlers of rubber-tracked tractors have been tested in harsh field conditions for more than eight years, and we are confident in providing a 24 - 30 months warranty.


We can make composites by adding needed materials, like quartz, ceramic, or kevlar, to our polyurethane.


The largest wheels we cast are 1000mm diameter. The maximum roller length is 5000mm.


   John Deere 8410 idler and mid-rollers renewed with polyurethane.   


New 300mm diameter rollers used for V-shape pipe holders in gas-pipeline construction.

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